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Rutherglen Agricultural Show October 28, 2011

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Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I last did a blog post.  Oops!  Lots has been happening here at Craftyllama HQ, I’m back now!

Here’s a wee photo documentary of our recent visit to the Rutherglen Agricultural Show to get the blogging ball rolling again.  Enjoy!


Novelty Cake Decorating Entrants

The making of a warm, snuggly house May 24, 2010

Posted by Sarah in cosy, draft snake, fabric, home made, Made It store, recycle, refashion, sewing, slug, snake, thrifty, wool.

Yesterday I noticed that J had nestled Leopold under the bathroom door to stop the draft coming though.

Leopold looked rather uncomfortable with his tail bent at an unnatural angle.  Also, upon further inspection I found that he was a little thin for that door, and we would be better with something there that was a bit fatter.

I got to work on the sewing machine and whipped up something more suitable for the door.  He’s not a snake you see, more of a slug.

He’s doing an excellent job keeping the cold drafts out of our bedroom, and I can’t help but giggle each time I pass him on the way to the bathroom.

He’s made out of a piece of sample wool I picked up from Reverse Garbage, and stuffed with Polyfil.  What do you think we should name him?  Suggestions welcome…

Keeping busy March 2, 2010

Posted by Sarah in art, blanket, buttons, Craft, draft snake, embroidery, fabric, home made, homemade jam, markets, recycle, refashion, sewing, snake, strawberries, whale.

This weekend I’ll be at the Surry Hills Markets selling, among other things, these sweet little whale softies.  If you’re in Sydney this weekend come and visit me!

I’ll also be selling my handmade soaps, jams, draft snakes, and even some handmade picnic blankets.  Wish me luck!

Draft snake family November 27, 2009

Posted by Sarah in buttons, cosy, Craft, custom order, draft snake, fabric, felt, gift, home made, recycle, refashion, sewing, snake.
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Miss Maree placed an order with me for four custom-designed draft snakes for Christmas.  One for each of her brothers and their families, and one for her Mum.

Would you like to meet the family?

This is Florence!

Likes: Fairy floss, flourescent felt pens and flavoured fudge

Dislikes: Foul smells, figs and feral cats

And this is Herbert!

Likes: Hemingway, hummingbirds and hotdogs

Dislikes: Hermits, hunting and having to hurry

And this is Hunter!

Likes: haggling, habaneros and hula hoops

Dislikes: haggis, Halloween and housekeeping

And lastly, meet Cordelia!

Likes: Cordial, crumpets and cat naps

Dislikes: Car racing, cabbage and cellphones

Maree picked the family up last night.  She said that if she didn’t already have lilith she’d have snake-envy for Florence!

Archibald the draft snake November 10, 2009

Posted by Sarah in blue, cosy, draft snake, fabric, home made, recycle, refashion, sewing, snake, wool.
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I’ve just listed Archibald in my Esty store!


He likes: naps, Narwhals and nachos

He dislikes: navel oranges, Naruto and nasty people

Archibald is hanging out with Harriet and Leopold in the craftyllama store.

Edit 17.12.09

Archibald has been sold!  He’s heading back to New Zealand with us to meet his new family this week.

Leopold the draft snake November 9, 2009

Posted by Sarah in blue, cosy, draft snake, fabric, felt, green, home made, recycle, refashion, sewing, snake, thrifty, toy, wool.
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I’ve just listed this very sweet draft snake in my etsy store.


His name is Leopold.

He likes: croquet, croquettes and croque monsieurs

He disklies: crocodiles, croquembouche, and crocs


He’s keeping Harriet company at the moment, Archibald will be joining them shortly!

Green python soft toy November 3, 2009

Posted by Sarah in buttons, custom order, fabric, gift, home made, sewing, snake.
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This giant 2 metre snake is heading to New Zealand, as a gift for someone’s 1 year old nephew.

For the moment he’s been making himself at home, hanging out at our place.


He’s been sitting on the back of our couch, keeping an eye on the kitchen, and occasionally slithering over the cushions to see whats happening outside.


My spec from the customer was that he wanted the snake big enough to fit around his nephew while he was sleeping, he wants him to wake up and get a fright.  Hopefully this doens’t instill a lifelong fear of snakes in the little guy!


I’m really happy with how I got the tongue and face to look this time!  Yuss!


A gift for a a little man named Felix October 10, 2009

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My Niece Amanda and her boyfriend Ryan welcomed their son Felix into the world on the 10th of July this year.  That day is also my sister Lisa’s birthday.  She turned 40 and became a grandmother on the same day!  Special times for us all  : )


I’m now a Great-Aunt, and with that title comes much responsibility.  Like making really cool toys for birthday gifts.  Snakes, for example.


I love the way this photo makes it look like a snake-pretzel : )

Meet Gwendolyn October 2, 2009

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Gwendolyn is the newest draft snake to come out of craftyllama HQ.  She’s headed to New Zealand to keep my sister and her flatmates warm and cosy.

Gwendolyn likes:  sneakers, telescpoes and oolong tea

Gwendolyn dislikes:  mud, bananas and garden gnomes


She’s the first thing I’ve made out of my favourite fabric from my stash, this beautiful blue and red floral patterned vintage fabric.


She’s been made with love and care from recycled and vintage materials.  I can’t wait to see what my sister thinks of her!

PA020006 (2)

We’re off to the post office this afternoon.  I hope I can get her in a postal bag!!

Harriet October 1, 2009

Posted by Sarah in buttons, clothes, crochet, draft snake, fabric, felt, home made, recycle, refashion, sewing, snake, thrifty, toy, wool.
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EDIT:  Harriet has now been listed in my Etsy store.  Go on, make our day and buy her!!

Meet Harriet.


Harriet is a door snake.

She keeps you toasty warm by staying close to the door and keeping drafts out.  She’s also very useful if your city happens to have a dust storm.

She likes:  boys, new stockings and peanuts.

She dislikes:  dust storms, things that bite and sneezing.

She’s made from completely recycled materials.

She’s now in the craftyllama etsy store.  For now, she’s keeping guard at our front door, making me laugh every time I walk past.