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Power animals September 13, 2010

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Rosa-May wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday this year, and I asked her to draw something for me.

I cried when I opened this on the night.  So special.

I sanded back an old blue frame and repainted it brown last week.  I love it!

(In case you’re wondering, it’s supposed to be the Mr and I).  So sweet!

A woolen blanket and a surprise visit July 16, 2008

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July 3rd marks my dear father’s birthday. This year I surprised him by sneaking back to NZ for his birthday. It was amazing seeing the looks on my parents faces when they saw me. I’ll never forget it, and I think that they wont ever forget it either.

Its cold in New Zealand in winter, so I made dad this lap blanket to keep him warm at night while he watches television or reads.

The fabric is a beautiful pure wool knit, with a rustic feel to it. Just the thing for Dad. I cut the piece to the right size and sewed up the sides to hem the blanket. The blue blanket stithcing I did by hand with a piece of turquioise tapestry wool. The blanket stitching was painfully slow to do. I measured with a ruler with every stitch, but I’m glad that I did because it did turn out looking very neat.

Happy birthday Dad, this little Llama love you very much.

A birthday present for Helen July 22, 2007

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It was my friend Helen’s birthday celebration Friday night. I got the invitation on Tuesday, started knitting that afternoon, and had this alpaca wool scarf finished on Thursday.


I’m especially proud of the tassels, considering this is only my second attempt. In fact, these tassels look far better than the ones I put on Amanda’s scarf.


The ‘back’ of the scarf looks really good too, you can only just see where the ends have been sewn in.


Look what I made yesterday June 14, 2007

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Orange, almond and quince cake


Brown bread


The beginnings of a crafty llama fridge magnet


I Love llamas June 13, 2007

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I’ve had the llama song in my head for days now. Funny stuff. And one day, llamas will take over the world, mark my words.

And some photos of the llamas we met at a llama farm in the Hunter Valley.