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Bedside October 26, 2009

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Playing along with Pip from Meet me at Mikes.  This weeks theme is bedside and was chosen by Pottymouthmama.


The shelf that holds all kinds of fun things:

The Narwhal toy I bought for Joh in San Francisco

The French kitty my beautiful friend Josephine made for my birthday this year

Assorted Plush Microbes, and a zombie kitty

The enormous blanket that took almost an entire year to knit

Assorted warm things, hand made and vintage

My collection of PJ’s and nighties


My friend Rosa-may drew this incredible picture of me, wearing the crochet scarf she made for me.  I love it so much!


The set of drawers that my grandfather made for my mother, that I repainted blue as a teenager.  I had been holding on to the lamp stand for years without a shade waiting for the perfect thing, then one day I found this at the Surry Hills Markets.  It’s perfect in so many ways.  I’m so glad I waited until I found something I really liked.


On the wall is the gorgeous print entitled ‘making friends’ from the artists APAK.  I purchased it from the lovely Outre Gallery.  A little gift for Joh a few years back.  Just because I love him so.

I heart kings cross knitting October 15, 2009

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The I Heart Kings Cross knitting project has been up in Fitzroy Gardens for one week now.  I wandered through last Friday as the trees were being adorned, right before the rain came.  I LOVE that something so beautiful has been done in our neighbourhood.  There must have been literally hundreds and hundreds of knitting hours put into this by the contributors.  Well done, I am completely in awe of you all!

Taking advantage of the weather September 17, 2009

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The behemoth got a long overdue wash today.  It’s rather windy, hence the need for several of Joh’s shoes to act as weights.


I’ve broken out the pretty summer dress, and am heading to Hyde Park for lunch with Joh.  Don’t you just love sydney weather!?  It’s 30 degrees today and it’s only the middle of September!

Rag-knitted bath mat August 24, 2009

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I wanted to find a good use for an old bedsheet of ours that had become too thin to use on the bed.  I decided to make it into yarn, and then knit it into a new bathmat for us.P8230006

I used this tutorial to work out the best way to make ‘yarn’ from my sheet.  I highly recommend the technique described for joining the ends.  It works wonderfully, and you can hardly see the joins in the finished product.


I tried to get as many stitches onto my needles as possible, to make the mat as big as I could.  This meant that I had to use pegs to hold the stitches on the needle while I wasn’t knitting, so that they didn’t jump off the end.


I used size size 15mm needles, it’s like knitting with table legs!


It’s big enough for Joh to be able to use comfortably, which i’m pleased about.  The finished bathmat is super soft because the sheet was so well worn.

Patchwork knitted blanket May 12, 2009

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This blanket started life because I wanted to try to use up all the half balls of wool that I had.  I used some recycled wool from a previous project.  I soon realised that I didn’t have much wool after all.  After numerous trips to the yarn store to buy yet more wool, and much procrastination, my blanket is finally finished.img_4297

The thing that held me up the most was the sewing together of pieces, but one last push a couple of months ago made it happen.img_4290

It’s a giant measuring 82″ by 66 ” (that’s 208cm by 167cm)!  That’s 4100 stitches per square, 82,000 stitches in total.  It weighs 2kg!  That’s so much wool!


My friend Rosa crocheted around the edge for me, and that really makes the whole piece look lovely.  I’ll have to wait for a good sunny day before I can get any pics up of the lovely edge.

It’s so heavy, it just traps you under it, making getting off the couch to head to bed quite hard.  It’s definitely going to keep both Joh and I warm all winter.  We love it.

Sunday lovely Sunday January 4, 2009

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Joh and I had the most lovely day at home today, pottering around the house.  We had three separate offers to go out to see our dear friends for afternoon drinks, but we decided to stay here and spend some quality time with our house (and each other, of course!!)

For breakfast we had the last two slices of our sprouted rye bread with organic avocado, tomato and fresh coriander from our garden.  Half way through mine I decided to try out some of our new alfalfa sprouts, and they were delicious!


I can’t wait for our deliveries from Lettuce Deliver to start again.  We’ve been shopping at Fratelli Fresh while the Lettuce family are on a much needed break.  The quality at Fratelli Fresh is some of the best in the city, but it still doesn’t even come close to our beautiful organic deliveries.  We did pick up some Tasmanian walnuts, which I cracked with my monster of a mortar and pestle.  I’ve popped them in the freezer until I decide what to do with them.


I did a bit of knitting, finishing off a monolith of a blanket that I’ve been using for months in it’s incomplete state.  Photos and gory details to come in another post.


Joh and I had some cheese in the fridge that needed using, a Polish style cottage cheese.  Joh made a wonderful organic wholemeal bread dough and left it to develop for a few hours.  I made some organic caramelised onions while the dough did it’s thing.  Joh kneaded and rolled the dough to a wonderful carpet of carbohydrates on the kitchen bench.  Then we scattered olive oil, caramelised onions, polish cottage cheese, parmagiana reggiano, olives and basil leaves.  Joh rolled the whole thing into a log, and then we decided it would be best to slice and cook the pieces individually, kind of like the broiche dough we used to make when I was a cook in Auckland.  They worked beautifully!  We cooked half of them on our pizza stone, and half in muffin tins.  The verdict?  Joh prefers the look of the muffin tin variety, while i like the more rustic feel of the pizza stone cooked rolls.  Either way, they are delicious, and will make a great lunch for us tomorrow.p1040008


Wrapping up Reenie October 31, 2008

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Our beautiful friend Reenie is having a birthday soon. We were invited to her party, but seeing as she lives in a different continent from us we aren’t going to be able to make it. This is what I sent her for her birthday, a handmade woolen scarf. This was made with two balls of wool held together, knitted on giant needles.

Happy birthday honey! We hope this keeps you warm this London winter.

Recycling yarn September 26, 2008

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I’ve had a wee hiatus from posting here at Craftyllama, but I’m back!

The bulk of my time has been spent knitting, but more about that big project coming up in a future post.

Said big project has required alot of wool, and instead of heading to the yarn store yet again to buy wool I started to look at what I already had. I made this scarf last year, but recently I’ve become bored with it. I decided to recycle the yarn to use in my new project. The process was rewarding, and i’ve got back two balls of pure wool that would have otherwise laid in my closet for another year.

First of all I had to find the end of the yarn that I had woven/hidden in the scarf.

Next I started to very gently unravel the scarf.

Which looked like this once I was done.

The next step is to wind the wool into hanks, around something about a foot apart. Some people wind around their knees or feet, but I decided to use one of our chairs. Luckily I realised early on that I wouldn’t be able to remove my hank if I was winding the wool onto this part of the chair.

So I started again with the chair turned upside down.

Once I had a hank wound I tied it together in three places to keep it together.

Then I had three nicely wound hanks of wool, but they were still a bit crinkly.

Now they were washed in a warm wool wash in the basin and then rinsed.

To remove the kinks from the wool I tied a can to the bottom of each hank, and then tied the hank to the washing line. The can pulls on the wool to smooth out the kinks.

Once they were dried they came off the washing line, the cans were released from their duties, and the wool was put into my basket for knitting with.

And here it is, looking new and fresh in my project.

luxurious fabric turned into cushion covers May 26, 2008

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Recently I was the very lucky recipient of some luxury fabric samples and offcuts. I have been pondering what to do with them for some time now, but here’s what i’ve come up with so far.

The long strips of fabric are 100% wool and are very thick and strong. I thought they would make great cushion covers. I chose 6 colours out of the stack and sewed them together into strips. I’m deciding on how to proceed. I might felt my very first knitted scarf to make a joining piece for the two bits of fabric. I never really wear the scarf so it would be nice to give it a new lease on life.

Knitting needles May 22, 2008

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Whilst on my walk home today I stopped in at a store that I pass everyday called Dust. It’s a tiny store selling all manner of old bits and pieces. I was actually there looking for a reading lamp, but then I happened upon this amazing box of knitting needles.

I thought that they were quite expensive, for the $45 asking price, but then when I started to have a good look through the box and found these beauties I knew it had to come home with me.

The woman in the store told me they came from an estate sale of a 93 year old woman, and that the box of needles was one of her favourite things in the store.

I love the bundles of dpns – the way that she has so carefully tide yarn around them to keep them together really reminds me of my own grandmother.

And look at the writing on the backs of these packets of dpns – “with specially tapered points which will not injure the fingers.”