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Life’s tough… March 13, 2011

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Photos of our family dog Rosie – taken on my recent trip home to New Zealand.  Such a sweet pup.

Frocktober (day 17) October 17, 2010

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You’d be right in thinking that this dress looks really formal.

It’s my old school ball gown from my first ball when I was 16!  I do have to say, I’m pretty chuffed that my ball gown still fits me from 14 years ago.

My Mother made it for me, and I just loved it at the time.  When I went back to NZ for a visit at Christmas time I unearthed this beauty and decided to bring it home with me.  You never know when you’ll need a floor length gown I guess.  Now that I am do some sewing myself, I can really appreciate how much work went into making this dress for me.  I avoid sewing with satin at all costs because of the slippyness of the fabric.  Mum must have had the patience of a saint to make this for me.

I do have some vague memories of threatening words being said to the sewing machine though…

Dress:  Handmade for me by my sweet Mum, 14 years ago!

If you’d like to sponsor me for my Frocktober challenge please head here to donate.  My registration number is 664999.

We are family August 20, 2010

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Mum and Dad were here for a short visit this week.

I absolutely love that first photo of the three of us – I almost dropped the camera right before I took this shot.

We’re a pretty funny bunch.

Mum’s laughing in the last photo too, by the way.  xx

Little Elephant for a little friend July 30, 2010

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I made this Elephant for my Great-Nephew Felix’s 1st birthday.

I used a pattern from the Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp.  It was good using a pattern for a change.  I learnt quite a lot about construction while I was working on it.  I think the pattern could have had some better instructions at times, but mostly it was easy to follow.

The fabric that I used to make the Elephant came from my massive stash.  I believe this particular piece came from Reverse Garbage.  It’s a lovely soft thick knit, wool I think.  I must have thrown away the tag when I washed the fabric, so there’s no way to tell really.  The fabric inside the ears is the same wool that I used for this Kitty, a present for another little Nephew of mine.

My lovely big Sister was visiting this week, so I gave this little Elephant to her to take home to her Grandson.  I hope he likes it!

Our week of food and good times May 20, 2010

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Yesterday I kissed and hugged my Mother goodbye, and watched as the cab she was in pulled away from the curb and headed to the airport.  It is always to special to have her visit, but so bittersweet when she has to leave again.  You see, she’s a special person my Mum.  She’s funny, and silly, and couldn’t care less what people think about her.  She’s creative, but doesn’t know it.  She has a killer sweet tooth.  She makes me feel safe, and warm, and loved.  And she makes me giggle like crazy.  I love that.  I love my Mum.

We did our best to blend in with the Ladies who Lunch crowd.  I think we looked like frauds, but that’s ok with me.

We ate plenty of cake.  An absolute necessity when Mum is around.  This is a little Lemon Polenta cake from the lady at the Saturday markets in Kings Cross.  Delicious.

We caught the bus to Balmain and ate lunch, and too much cake at Adriano Zumbo Cafe.  This one is called Ginger.  Incredible!  Go there, eat this.  Be sure to share, it’s a monster.

There was plenty of sugar-induced giggling going on

We ate at the ever impressive Cafe Sopra in Potts Point

Zucchini Flowers stuffed with 5 italian cheeses.  Perfect every time.

The Jerusalem Artichoke, Broad Bean and Swimmer Crab Soup is to die for.  Perfect in every way.  I do pity the poor kitchen hand who has to peel all those broad beans each day though.

Mum also helped me service my sewing machine, purchased a bunch of my soap, and took home Webley the Whale and Enid the draft snake.

It was a very special week indeed, and I’m so glad we had it all to ourselves.  Till next time!

Upcycled jumper made into whale soft toy February 6, 2010

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I made this little whale soft toy for my Great Nephew Felix for Christmas.  I took an old acrylic knit vest of mine, turned it wrong side out and cut out a whale pattern from it.

I stuffed him with polyfil, stitched matching eyes onto either side of his face and hand stitched a happy grin onto his face with yarn.

This was my first time sewing with knit fabric.  Next time I’ll make the seam allowances much bigger to make it easier to sew around the tail.

He was such a fun creature to make.  I think we might see more little whale friends around this house for gifts in the future.

Aotearoa (part 4) January 23, 2010

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Photographs from my dear Aunty Margo’s beautiful garden.

Aotearoa (part 2) January 12, 2010

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Christmas Day 2009.  The first Christmas with our family in 4 years.

We set the table the night before

I made homemade lemonade

My little helpter earnestly filled everyone’s glasses

The chief taste-tester thought the lemonade was pretty good

Then we ate

And ate

And ate

And ate

And ate

I made homemade ice cream and sorbet, proper strawberry jellies, and a hazelnut torte too.  It all got gobbled up before we got any photos, but I can assure you dessert was a hit with the entire family.

I met my sweet little Great-Newphew Felix.

And hung out with Sofia, who was most impressed when she found out that I was the person who had made her beloved Hazel.

Precious little Sacha snoozed away the day, briefly waking up to check out what was happening

And everyone was looking at the camera at once for the obligatory family snapshot.  Incredible!

Aotearoa (part 1) January 12, 2010

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J and I headed back to New Zealand for Christmas and New Years.  Our birthplace.  Aotearoa.

We drank plenty of these:

Had lots of fun hanging out with some of our favourite people

Spent plenty of time gazing at beautiful places

Watched the seagulls just hanging out, watching us just hanging out

Took away memorable memories and left pairs of footprints

Gazed in awe and wonder at this beautiful country I call home