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Creative reuse of unpicked shirt pockets. March 15, 2011

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J and I purchased a shirt each for wearing while we travel through South East Asia.  We’ll be travelling very light, so we need to pack clothing that’s so practical it’s almost laughable.  Clothing with features that would be completely irrelevant in Sydney – like back vents for example.  Things that you can wash by hand in a sink and have it dry in just a few hours, ready to be worn for the 30th day straight.  My shirt is blue, long sleeved, and looks like my mother dressed me in chambray for a family photo in 1990.  But, it’s actually a really nice fit, and surprisingly comfortable.  J however was not so lucky.  Thanks to the Amazon sizing charts it’s a size too big for him.  That probably wouldn’t have been too bad if the shirt didn’t also come with two huge, incredibly unflattering chest pockets.  J and I took one look at the shirt on and decided that the pockets had to go.  They weren’t much use anyway – and since we’ll have daypacks with us there’s really no need to be carrying anything in shirt pockets.  I took to them with my quick unpick, carefully removing each stitch so as not to leave any visible marks or holes.  Now you wouldn’t even know that there had ever been pockets on the shirt, and it looks so much better!

The hoarding maybe-that-will-come-in-handy-one-day part of my personality decided to put the two removed pockets into my fabric stash until I decided what to do with them.  After pulling them out last night and having another look at them I decided that they would make great little pouches to keep our electronic cables in while we travel.  I cut out black felt for the backing pieces of the pouches and sewed around the edges with blanket stitch.  I incorporated the original pocket closure on one pouch by sewing it onto the felt, and with the other I added snap closures.  Each pocket took me about an hour to complete.  Now we can store all of our chargers in one spot, and we wont have to go rummaging through our bags only to find a tangled mess of cables at the botton of the pack!


Hand stitched Netbook sleeve March 14, 2011

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Finally – I’ve actually managed to take a photo of something I’ve made and post it on here!

This little Netbook sleeve was made by me last night while sitting on the couch watching television.  I stitched the entire thing by hand, as we’re in the process of packing up our house for a move and I can’t find the sewing machine.  Even if I could find the machine, finding a flat surface to use it on that’s not covered in curing soap for my business would prove to be quite the challenge!

I’ve held on to this piece of fabric for about 4 years, waiting for the right project for it.  It is a sample piece by Kvadart, called Letters.  It’s quite thick and strong – made from a blend of 50% cotton, 42% new wool and 8% nylon.  Perfect for keeping our tiny new Netbook safe from scratches and bumps.

I pinned the fabric right sides together with the Netbook inside, and then backstitched up the sides with embroidery floss.  I then used my pinking shares to cut off the excess fabric, turned it right side out and slid the computer into it’s new sleeve.  I added the button and tie to prevent any unfortunate accidents of the laptop-sliding-out-of-pretty-new-case-and-heavily-hitting-the-ground variety.

Fabric – gifted
Button – gifted
Embroidery thread – $0.15
Yarn tie – $0.01
Total cost for this project – $0.16!

Saponify market stall garland December 7, 2010

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I’ve just made this pretty garland to act as signage for my Saponify market stalls.

This Saturday I have a stall at the Reservoir Bazaar at The Winery in Surry Hills.  If you’re in the area make sure you pop by.   It’s a great chance to grab some last minute Christmas gifts, and a fun day out to boot!

Reservoir Bazaar
The Winery
285A Crown Street
Surry Hills 2010

10am – 2pm Saturday 11th December.

Frocktober (day 31) October 31, 2010

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Today is the final day of Frocktober 2010.  I have successfully completed my challenge!

Would you believe that I actually have more frocks than the 31 required for Frocktober?  Off the top of my head I can count another 5 that have not been worn for this month’s challenge.  Most of them need some alterations, or just a little TLC.  I’ll be fixing them up for summer over the coming weeks, and hopefully I’ll get around to posting before and after shots for the world to see.  If not expect to see them next year for another round of Frocktober fundraising!

Frocktober may be over for another year, but you can still donate online for another couple of weeks.  I’ll be doing a round-up post in the coming weeks with my final fundraising total.  If you haven’t donated yet there is still time!

Dress:  This is an oldie but a goodie.  I picked it up from a local Salvos store a few years back for the grand total of about $6.  It’s about two sizes too big, but the roominess is what makes it such a great summer dress.  It’s quite nice to have a dress that’s cotton, and loose under the arms for sweltering summer Sydney days.  I’ve been meaning to take it in for ages, but the more I wear it, the more I realise that it’s just fine as is.  All it needs is a securely fastened belt and it’s perfect.  I am going to change the buttons though.  That’s the least I can do.  Goodness knows what possessed the designers to put ugly desert brown buttons on such a colourful, fun frock.



If you’d like to sponsor me for my Frocktober challenge please head here to donate.  My registration number is 664999.



Frocktober (day 30) October 31, 2010

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This photo was taken at the park in Maroubra, prior to all of our guests arriving to celebrate the Mr’s 30th birthday.  We had a most excellent day in the sunshine, surrounded with friends, and eating plenty of lovely food.

Dress:  Handmade in Vietnam by a local tailor, this silk dress is so lovely to wear.  It’s the perfect picnic frock.  The circle skirt is plentiful enough that I can sit quite happily cross-legged and know that I’m not flashing any friends.  Definitely a factor to consider when selecting your picnic going frock.



If you’d like to sponsor me for my Frocktober challenge please head here to donate.  My registration number is 664999.



Frocktober (day 29) October 29, 2010

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Today J has the day off work, so we headed out for a late breakfast at Fratelli Paradiso in Potts Point.  Delicious food, as always.  The company wasn’t bad either!

I got plenty of odd looks while posing here, which is strange considering the high percentage of posers that live in our area.  Go figure.

Dress:  I bought this to wear to my friend Kate’s Hen’s night.  It’s quite short, so I like to wear a pair of leggings underneath so as to not shock any sensitive locals.  Purchased from the ever wonderful Zoo Clothing in Surry Hills.  Yes, it’s pretty much the only place I shop for quality dresses now.



If you’d like to sponsor me for my Frocktober challenge please head here to donate.  My registration number is 664999.

Frocktober (day 28) October 29, 2010

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Oops!  I woke up this morning and realised that I had forgotten to update yesterday’s frock.  Bad blogger!

I love this dress so much.  It was one of those finds where you can’t quite believe that you’ve found something so cool, so you cling to it possessively until you get to the changing room.  That’s how it is with vintage clothing shopping.  There’s not going to be another one in the back room somewhere, so you have to guard your precious very closely.

Dress:  Bought from the wonderful Zoo Clothing in Surry Hills.  One of my more expensive pieces – I think this may have cost about $65 at the time.  It’s beautifully cut, and I’ve always loved the way the dress is designed with the great collar.  It’s a little creased in this photo, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered getting out the iron.  Just imagine it perfectly pressed.



So far I’ve raised $400 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation this year, which is just wonderful!  I’ll be rattling the donation bucket at the Mr’s birthday picnic this weekend so hopefully that will increase the overall total.  Yay!

If you’d like to sponsor me for my Frocktober challenge please head here to donate.  My registration number is 664999.

Frocktober (day 27) October 27, 2010

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Today’s frock is another of my Muumuu’s!  It’s a recent acquisition, one I picked up from an estate sale a few months back.  I think I paid $15 for it.  At the time I thought it was just beautiful fabric, but when I got home I realised that it was actually a Muumuu.  Much hilarity ensued.

My plan was to shorten it, but my girlfriends all want me to keep it as is.  I guess it’s hippy chic for me this summer!

Dress:  Vintage Muumuu, made from what I think is a cotton/linen blend.  It’s perfectly roomy, without the dreaded tent look that some other Muumuu’s have.  Love it!


Here’s a close up of the fabric – isn’t it incredible!


If you’d like to sponsor me for my Frocktober challenge please head here to donate.  My registration number is 664999.


Frocktober (day 26) October 26, 2010

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Today is my lovely boyfriend’s 30th birthday, so I packed a picnic and met him in The Domain for lunch.

Dress:  This dress is new to me as of Saturday.  It was donated to the Frock swap by my friend Virginia.  It’s a very fine, soft fabric that drapes beautifully.  The top is a big big for me so I’ve improvised by pinning it together with one of my Nana’s brooches.
Belt:  A cheap leather imitation purple tie belt, picked up from some chain store in the specials bin ages ago.  The belt was actually much higher when I left the house, but after a rather rigorous cycle around town it’s made it’s way down to my hips.  It looks much better up higher, but I’m sure you get the idea.



If you’d like to sponsor me for my Frocktober challenge please head here to donate.  My registration number is 664999.

Fabric Backgammon Board Game October 26, 2010

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If you had asked me a week ago if I’d ever played backgammon my answer would have been no.

This is what I said to the Mr when he asked me if I had played before.  I said that I’d like to learn though, so he downloaded an iphone app for it and taught me to play.  We both agree that it’s a great game.  It’s one of the oldest board games around.

Fast forward one week and we’re both slightly addicted to the game!

I wanted to do something special for J for his birthday this year.  He turned 30 today you see, it’s a pretty special day.

I had originally planned on buying a vintage set online, but after some searching I found them to be way out of my rather meagre current budget.

This is what made me decide to make my own backgammon board for him.  I remember seeing one on a blog many moons ago that someone had made.  I couldn’t find the link, or any free patterns online yesterday, so I decided to design it myself.

Yesterday afternoon I drew up a pattern, cut out my fabric, and pieced it together.  I made the board the exact size of our coffee table so that we can play while we sit on the couch at night.

I made the board entirely from things that I found about the house.  A very thrifty project indeed!

The green fabric came from a thrift store in Batemans Bay.  It’s very thick felt, like what you would find on a snooker or pool table.

The white fabric is a thin wool, perhaps from a blanket.  I purchased that from Reverse Garbage in one of my fabric gathering outings.

The backing fabric is a Japanese cotton, something that I bought from Tessuti ages ago.  I had been waiting for the perfect project to use it on, and I think it works really well.

The pieces/chips are buttons that I picked up from a local thrift shop ages ago.  I got about 150 of them for $1 I think.  I plan to sew or glue little circles of coloured felt into the tops of the buttons, but the white stickers are doing a fine job for now.  I found the organza bag in amongst my craft goodies, perfect for storing the pieces.

The only thing that I don’t have is the 4 dice, but they can wait.  In the meantime we’re using an iphone dice app!

I’m off to pack a picnic lunch for us to share today.  It’s a glorious day for a birthday picnic I think.  Happy birthday honey!