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The Caterer July 1, 2010

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I had a catering job yesterday.  12 people for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.  Of course, although I took my camera with me, I managed to forget to take photos of most of the food I provided.  Here’s what I did manage to capture:

The olive oil dough resting before being cut into Panini buns.

The cooked Panini buns.

You’ll just have to imagine them filled with Free Range Roast Pork, my home made Harissa, crisp Lettuce and fresh Tomato.  Or Free Range Roast Chicken, Avocado, home made Basil Aioli and crisp Lettuce.  Or Rare Roast Beef, Horseradish Cream and Rocket.

This fruit platter looked so pretty I had to take a photograph of it, even though it was all secured in plastic wrap.  This platter accompanied a platter of freshly baked scones, home made jams and whipped cream.  A very lavish start to the day.

Double chocolate and toasted walnut brownie.

A close up of the decadent brownie.

The afternoon fruit platter to accompany said decadent chocolate brownie.

If you’re in Sydney, and are interested in having me cater your next function send me a message or comment on this post.

Op shop finds June 15, 2010

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Today, sweaty and exhausted after another tough boxing session at the gym, I headed to the nearby Op Shop to do a little spotting of pretty things.

I came away $6.50 poorer.  But, look what that investment gave me:

5 cake tins, of varying sizes and weights.  I’ve been in need of a Bundt tin for some time, so I was delighted when i found this one for just $1!

This very old cake tin is really quite beautiful.  It’s old enough that it was made in Australia, as was it’s neighbour.  A rare thing now I guess – tins made here.  I think it will make a fine fruit cake tin at Christmas time this year.

I’ve been a fan of thick tourist linen tea towels for some time.  I’ve never been to Tasmania, but this tea towel is quite lovely I think.

While I was scouring the shelves I came across this little coffee cup.  Isn’t it a beauty?  I do not know if it is very old, or very new.  I didn’t find many references to the writing on the bottom of the cup when I did a Google search.  The text says “Gempo Fine China, Japan”.  I don’t mind either way, I think it’s quite lovely.  Definitely my star find of the day!

Our week of food and good times May 20, 2010

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Yesterday I kissed and hugged my Mother goodbye, and watched as the cab she was in pulled away from the curb and headed to the airport.  It is always to special to have her visit, but so bittersweet when she has to leave again.  You see, she’s a special person my Mum.  She’s funny, and silly, and couldn’t care less what people think about her.  She’s creative, but doesn’t know it.  She has a killer sweet tooth.  She makes me feel safe, and warm, and loved.  And she makes me giggle like crazy.  I love that.  I love my Mum.

We did our best to blend in with the Ladies who Lunch crowd.  I think we looked like frauds, but that’s ok with me.

We ate plenty of cake.  An absolute necessity when Mum is around.  This is a little Lemon Polenta cake from the lady at the Saturday markets in Kings Cross.  Delicious.

We caught the bus to Balmain and ate lunch, and too much cake at Adriano Zumbo Cafe.  This one is called Ginger.  Incredible!  Go there, eat this.  Be sure to share, it’s a monster.

There was plenty of sugar-induced giggling going on

We ate at the ever impressive Cafe Sopra in Potts Point

Zucchini Flowers stuffed with 5 italian cheeses.  Perfect every time.

The Jerusalem Artichoke, Broad Bean and Swimmer Crab Soup is to die for.  Perfect in every way.  I do pity the poor kitchen hand who has to peel all those broad beans each day though.

Mum also helped me service my sewing machine, purchased a bunch of my soap, and took home Webley the Whale and Enid the draft snake.

It was a very special week indeed, and I’m so glad we had it all to ourselves.  Till next time!

Book goodness September 4, 2009

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Thanks to a very generous birthday voucher to Kinokuniya bookstore, i’m now the owner of three very cool books!  I can’t wait to get baking and bread making this weekend.


Thank you Brian and Helen!!!

Oat bran, Manuka honey and Camomile flower soap September 3, 2009

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Batch 002P9030006

Ann’s birthday cupcake July 22, 2009

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Our friend Ann is known for her luxurious desserts and cupcakes.  It seemed only fitting to give her something to cupcake-like for her 30th birthday.

The pattern came from this sweet book.IMG_4322



Ann’s birthday was actually in February, but belated posts are better than no post at all!

Happy Birthday Ann!

Self employed July 20, 2009

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I did my first paid catering gig last week.  The company requested round food to go with their theme of “The Wheels on the Bus”.


Rosewater meringues, chocolate brownies, chocolate cupcakes.


Oatcakes with blue and cheddar cheeses.


Falafel with yoghurt dipping sauce, and lamb meatballs with tomato dipping sauce.


Chicken and watercress crositini, and tomato and dijon tarts.

My business cards are ready and so am I!

Photos by my good friend Elizabeth Clarkson.

Buttermilk peach cake November 15, 2008

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For breakfast!


Today I woke up with the knowledge that there was a small container of buttermilk in the fridge that had to be used today or thrown out. But I also knew that I had used the last of the eggs yesterday, and whatever I cooked first today had to be something I could do in my pyjamas. I sat down at our trusty computer and searched for eggless buttermilk recipes and eventually found this recipe. I was all excited and about to get up and start creating when I found that the recipe did in fact have eggs! Upon scrolling through the comments I found that there was indeed an eggless substitute, one that a commenter had left on the site. The recipe goes like this:

1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 stick butter, melted
1 cup berries

Sift dry ingredients together, add melted butter and buttermilk. Pour into a tart dish and top with berries. Bake at 180 degrees celcuis for 45 mintues.

I melted the butter and then let it cook for a few mintues longer to caramelise. I strained it before I added it to the cake batter. Heidi’s origional recipe calls for wholewheat flour but I used white flour and it came out fine. I used half white sugar and half brown sugar, because that’s what I had on hand.

I went to the markets specifically to buy peaches for jam yesterday (4kgs infact!), so they became the topping in place of the berries. Before baking I sprinkled the top with pink salt and brown sugar.


I just happened to have some peach jam in the fridge that I made yesterday, so I used that to glaze the tart/cake.


Delicious! I still can’t decide if this is a tart, or a cake, or a pie. I think when it cools it will be quite a different beast.

Long overdue photos of a lovely thoughtful gift September 24, 2007

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A lovely little lady from here made me some beautiful little cupcakes as a thank you gift for lending her some cookbooks.  They looked and tasted so good!  I took them to work and shared them with Hannah and Liv at work.  If only you could have heard the squeals of delight when they opened the box and saw what I had for them.  Thanks Ann – you’re a star!!

Mum’s 60th Birthday present September 10, 2007

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I can finally write about the present I made for Mum for her birthday this year.  Mum reads this blog so I didn’t want to ruin the surprise by writing too soon.  I made her a shawl from this great yarn I got from the Craft Show.  Mum just loves the shawl and wanted to wear it all the time when I was home.  I love the way the blue colour really looks good on her.


The other part of her present was a small blanket.  I knit this on size 13 needles with two really thin strands of yarn at the same time.  This made a really bouncy stretchy blanket – perfect for one person to snuggle up under when reading. The blue blanket in the second picture is one that I made for myself.  It’s the same size as Mum’s blanket and it accompanies me everywhere around the house.


The guests at Mum’s party were each treated to a Lemon Meringue Cupcake.  I made 54 of these babies!  They looked so cool and I thought they were so much nicer than just making one big cake.  Much more work, but it was worth it.  Mum is worth it :)