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Who is Crafty Llama?

I’m an expatriate New Zealander living in sunny sunny Sydney. I love to cook and craft and this blog is dedicated to my small crafty achievements.

I am also a soap maker!  Check out my website:  http://www.saponify.com.au/


1. Fianach - May 16, 2008

Your site is looking so cool Sarah – aren’t we lucky to have a girl like you in the family! Lots of Love, F

2. Miss Maree - May 26, 2008

Well, well I am so glad I mae it onto crafty llama tonight! What a great record of all your work Sarah. I will be forwarding a link to Michelle and Sharon so they can check it out too! You are inspiring!

3. Yuri - April 24, 2009


This is Yuri from Yuris sustainable produce

I feel very honered to be mentioned in youtr blog

we are setting up a website and were wondering if we could put in a link to your blog, to show one of our happy customers

You have a lovely website

Thanking you in advance


4. Sarah - April 27, 2009

Hi Yuri

Thank you for stopping by Craftyllama. I’d love to have you link here. Once your website is up and running let me know and i’ll put a link on my post about it. Good luck with the website, i’ll see you on Saturday for more delicious vegetables!


5. nicacelly - November 17, 2009

u are too cool. blessings from san francisco, the other land of organic- going to try one of your soup recipes. namaste!

6. Sabrina - April 7, 2010

Hi Sarah your soap is really nice i wish we had more here in NZ! Me and Zoe hope we can see you again soon!


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