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Frocktober (day 31) October 31, 2010

Posted by Sarah in buttons, clothes, cotton, dress, fabric, flowers, frock, Frocktober, Fundraising, me, recycle, reuse, Second Hand, Thrifting.

Today is the final day of Frocktober 2010.  I have successfully completed my challenge!

Would you believe that I actually have more frocks than the 31 required for Frocktober?  Off the top of my head I can count another 5 that have not been worn for this month’s challenge.  Most of them need some alterations, or just a little TLC.  I’ll be fixing them up for summer over the coming weeks, and hopefully I’ll get around to posting before and after shots for the world to see.  If not expect to see them next year for another round of Frocktober fundraising!

Frocktober may be over for another year, but you can still donate online for another couple of weeks.  I’ll be doing a round-up post in the coming weeks with my final fundraising total.  If you haven’t donated yet there is still time!

Dress:  This is an oldie but a goodie.  I picked it up from a local Salvos store a few years back for the grand total of about $6.  It’s about two sizes too big, but the roominess is what makes it such a great summer dress.  It’s quite nice to have a dress that’s cotton, and loose under the arms for sweltering summer Sydney days.  I’ve been meaning to take it in for ages, but the more I wear it, the more I realise that it’s just fine as is.  All it needs is a securely fastened belt and it’s perfect.  I am going to change the buttons though.  That’s the least I can do.  Goodness knows what possessed the designers to put ugly desert brown buttons on such a colourful, fun frock.



If you’d like to sponsor me for my Frocktober challenge please head here to donate.  My registration number is 664999.




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