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Frocktober (day 28) October 29, 2010

Posted by Sarah in blue, clothes, cotton, dress, fabric, frock, Frocktober, Fundraising, Surry Hills, vintage, vintage fabric.

Oops!  I woke up this morning and realised that I had forgotten to update yesterday’s frock.  Bad blogger!

I love this dress so much.  It was one of those finds where you can’t quite believe that you’ve found something so cool, so you cling to it possessively until you get to the changing room.  That’s how it is with vintage clothing shopping.  There’s not going to be another one in the back room somewhere, so you have to guard your precious very closely.

Dress:  Bought from the wonderful Zoo Clothing in Surry Hills.  One of my more expensive pieces – I think this may have cost about $65 at the time.  It’s beautifully cut, and I’ve always loved the way the dress is designed with the great collar.  It’s a little creased in this photo, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered getting out the iron.  Just imagine it perfectly pressed.



So far I’ve raised $400 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation this year, which is just wonderful!  I’ll be rattling the donation bucket at the Mr’s birthday picnic this weekend so hopefully that will increase the overall total.  Yay!

If you’d like to sponsor me for my Frocktober challenge please head here to donate.  My registration number is 664999.


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