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Frocktober (day 17) October 17, 2010

Posted by Sarah in clothes, dress, fabric, family, frock, Frocktober, Fundraising, hand made, home made, love, me, mum, Parents.

You’d be right in thinking that this dress looks really formal.

It’s my old school ball gown from my first ball when I was 16!  I do have to say, I’m pretty chuffed that my ball gown still fits me from 14 years ago.

My Mother made it for me, and I just loved it at the time.  When I went back to NZ for a visit at Christmas time I unearthed this beauty and decided to bring it home with me.  You never know when you’ll need a floor length gown I guess.  Now that I am do some sewing myself, I can really appreciate how much work went into making this dress for me.  I avoid sewing with satin at all costs because of the slippyness of the fabric.  Mum must have had the patience of a saint to make this for me.

I do have some vague memories of threatening words being said to the sewing machine though…

Dress:  Handmade for me by my sweet Mum, 14 years ago!

If you’d like to sponsor me for my Frocktober challenge please head here to donate.  My registration number is 664999.


1. mellygoround - October 17, 2010

It’s gorgeous. Hasn’t aged at all. You look great in it.

Nice view of Sydney (I presume?), too.

Sarah - October 21, 2010

Thank you! It’s a wee bit tight in the boobage area now, I must have grown up some since High School!
And yes, it’s beautiful Sydney you can see in the backgound :)

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