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You might as well face it you’re addicted to Buns April 7, 2010

Posted by Sarah in Addicted, baking, bread, Easter, food, friends, funny, home made.

I received an email from my friend Marcus this morning regarding his Hot Cross Bun day experience, and I thought it was worth sharing.  Quite possibly the funniest email I’ve ever received.  If I ever open a bakery, this is going on the wall:

Good morning Sarah,

Originally this email was supposed to be a ‘thank you’ email for having us over for your fantastic hot cross buns last Friday.

However, as it is now Wednesday, the hot cross bun withdrawal has fully set in and I can no longer remain in a positive state of mind regarding your rather kind invite. In fact, the more I consider the happenings of the day, the more I realise that it was all a diabolical plan. Much like the drug dealer, you went with the “the first one is free” approach to get your victims hooked until they are willing to pay large amounts to get there next fix.

Let me take you through the last few days. After visiting your place (which is rather lovely by the way), Cassandra and I left feeling rather happy, and content – filled with tasty hot cross buns and fresh orange juice. I have come to believe these to be magical hot cross buns, because, after eating them we felt no desire to have any lunch, and were actually content not have any dinner either as we were filled with hot cross bun goodness – a truly magic food I must say.

By Sunday however, things were beginning to sour a little. All of a sudden hot cross bun regret kicked in. Why didn’t I have another hot cross bun? It’s not like I could get them whenever I want them, it’s a once a year affair…. I should have taken greater advantage of the situation when it presented itself to me…..

I was not prepared for the real trouble though. Little did I know, that after the warm satisfied feeling Sarah’s hot cross buns left me with, that I would no longer be content with other ‘ordinary’ food. Where was the magic?

So now, much like in the gremlins, my problems are multiplying. Where-ever I look, I see hot cross buns. I often return to reality to find myself chewing on an umbrella or a lamp post, which I could have swore was a giant hot cross bun. On top of that, no matter how much food I seem to eat I never feel full! I can eat and eat and eat, but something is missing….. And that something is a magical hot cross bun……. My suit and belt are unimpressed with this situation. I wake up at night, in a cold sweat chewing on my pillow with tears in my eyes longing for another hot cross bun… even half a one! I am beginning to feel like a zombie, limping around the house repeating “buns…..”. If I turn up bleary eyed at your window at the middle of the night drooling – you have no-one to blame except yourself.



P.S. Thank you for inviting us. We had a wonderful time.



1. Senhorita Stannard - April 7, 2010

That Marcus, he’s such a fun-ghi!

Sarah - April 7, 2010

Isn’t he just! Hilarious :)

2. Karen - April 7, 2010

Oh that is hilarious!!

Sarah - April 7, 2010

I know! Glad you liked your presents my sweet! Better late than never huh?! :)

3. Maree - April 7, 2010

Super funny! THank god someone else feels like me!

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