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Sourdough baguettes February 13, 2010

Posted by Sarah in baking, bread, cosy, dining in, food, home made.

I’ve just pulled these beauties out of our oven, my first ever batch of Sourdough Baguettes!

Clotilde from the wonderful blog Chocolate and Zucchini wrote a wonderful post about her Homemade Sourdough Baguettes a few days ago.  I made a sponge for bread last night, and made my dough this morning.  I decided to shape and rise the dough as baguettes at the last moment, rather than make my regular rustic weekend loaf.

I used a combination of wholemeal and white flours, about 2/3 white to 1/3 wholemeal.  The baguettes have a beautiful, tight crumb and an excellent crust.

I would suggest that we eat these outside with a picnic lunch, but judging by the crazy storms we’ve had in Sydney the past few days I don’t think that will happen.

J has just pulled the most magnificent field mushroom, thyme and blue cheese pizza from the oven, so I don’t think we’ll be going hungry anytime soon.

Baguettes for breakfast anyone?


1. zac - February 13, 2010

Sarah, They look so delicious :)

2. Michael - February 13, 2010

how yum!
check out my baking blog and tell me what you think:


3. clotilde - February 13, 2010

Congratulations on your first sourdough baguettes!

4. reenie - February 13, 2010

Hahaha, your’s look a lot better than the ones I tried to bake :) *jealous*

5. Sarah - February 15, 2010

Hi Zac – thank you! They were pretty great :)

Hi Michael – thanks for looking, your blog looks lovely!

Hi Clotilde – thank you for visiting! Your instructions were perfect – i’ll definitely be making these again very soon.

Hi Reenie – maybe I should give you some of my starter? I’m sure the natural yeast in sourdough makes all the difference with bread baking. Plus, it’s nice to keep a little pet sourdough going :)

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