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A very pretty visitor February 18, 2010

Posted by Sarah in art, beetle, blue, garden, green, nature.

Yesterday while I was on the phone I noticed this incredible beetle in our courtyard.  Then I finished my phone call and promptly forgot that I’d seen him/her.

A friend popped in for a visit, and as he was leaving I noticed that the beetle was still here.  It had been circling this tin for about an hour by this stage.

Note – this is not an ordinary sized tin, it’s a big catering sized one that I brought home with me from my last job to store things in.  The beetle was very big, about 2cm long.

The beetle kept circling as we were admiring it, then I realised that it couldn’t work out how to get down from the rim of the tin!  It must have been so exhausted doing laps of the tin on those tiny legs, holding up that enormous body.

You can’t quite see it in the photos, but it’s legs were the most vivid shiny metallic blue colour.

I gently put the tin on it’s side so that the beetle could find it’s way again.  When I came back 30 minutes later he had vanished.

After a quick Google search this morning I think he/she might have been a Paropsine Beetle, though I couldn’t find any photographs that matched this one’s colouring.

Edit 19.02.10

Check out my friend Larissa’s blog Ameblah for a photograph of the spectacular beetle she noticed in her yard yesterday.  So very cool.

Sourdough baguettes February 13, 2010

Posted by Sarah in baking, bread, cosy, dining in, food, home made.

I’ve just pulled these beauties out of our oven, my first ever batch of Sourdough Baguettes!

Clotilde from the wonderful blog Chocolate and Zucchini wrote a wonderful post about her Homemade Sourdough Baguettes a few days ago.  I made a sponge for bread last night, and made my dough this morning.  I decided to shape and rise the dough as baguettes at the last moment, rather than make my regular rustic weekend loaf.

I used a combination of wholemeal and white flours, about 2/3 white to 1/3 wholemeal.  The baguettes have a beautiful, tight crumb and an excellent crust.

I would suggest that we eat these outside with a picnic lunch, but judging by the crazy storms we’ve had in Sydney the past few days I don’t think that will happen.

J has just pulled the most magnificent field mushroom, thyme and blue cheese pizza from the oven, so I don’t think we’ll be going hungry anytime soon.

Baguettes for breakfast anyone?

My weekend February 8, 2010

Posted by Sarah in baking, clothes, cosy, Craft, custom order, dining in, embroidery, fabric, felt, food, friends, fruit, gift, green, home made, jam, preserving, sewing, toy.

It rained for days this past weekend.  It was the perfect weather for staying indoors and creating.

This is what my weekend looked like:

I made Jam.

And a sweet little bear for a sweet friend.

We have a bear who sits on our couch to keep us warm and humble.

A friend loved him so much that I was asked to make another for someone’s birthday.

We had said friend’s over to adopt their new Bear.  I made buttermilk scones.

We had the scones with my homemade jam – plum and cinnamon, and boysenberry.

I made this little peas in a pod toy for another friend.

And I stitched this jar cover while we watched a video last night.

I also made some extremely cute and very short sleep shorts.  Which I slept in last night, all smuggly proud of myself for having made them without a pattern.  Or measuring myself!

How was your weekend?  I hope yours was as gloriously peaceful as mine.

Upcycled jumper made into whale soft toy February 6, 2010

Posted by Sarah in buttons, christmas, clothes, cosy, Craft, fabric, family, gift, home made, recycle, refashion, sewing, thrifty, toy.
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I made this little whale soft toy for my Great Nephew Felix for Christmas.  I took an old acrylic knit vest of mine, turned it wrong side out and cut out a whale pattern from it.

I stuffed him with polyfil, stitched matching eyes onto either side of his face and hand stitched a happy grin onto his face with yarn.

This was my first time sewing with knit fabric.  Next time I’ll make the seam allowances much bigger to make it easier to sew around the tail.

He was such a fun creature to make.  I think we might see more little whale friends around this house for gifts in the future.