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Aotearoa (part 3) January 12, 2010

Posted by Sarah in Uncategorized.

On Christmas afternoon J and I drove for two hours to his parent’s place.  We ate the most delicious meal of perfect roast chicken and delicious salad for dinner, then finished it (and ourselves) off with his Mum’s legendary trifle.  Words cannot describe the perfection of this trifle, it was incredible!

This is the kind of scene that makes you want to never come back to Sydney

This is pretty awe-inspiring too

Beauty is everywhere you look here

These two make me laugh every time I visit

Such cool personalitles

I had such fun feeding them little pieces of apple

They were climbing the fence to get it from my hands

But the one who has my heart is this guy

He’s quite special



1. reenie - January 12, 2010

Look at all that sunshine!! *jealous*

Mewwy Xmas and Happy New Year babe :)


2. Sarah - January 13, 2010

Thanks honey! Happy New Year to you too!
It was amazingly sunshiney the whole time we were there – a very pleasant surprise :)


3. Sabrina - June 17, 2010

It was fun on new years… Teddy is soooooo cute

4. Sabrina - June 17, 2010

my belly button downwards is famous! i’m in one of the pictures of Teddy!

Sarah - June 17, 2010

I don’t see your belly! Where is it!
PS – you’re in a bunch of these photos too :)

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