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Cut-out cookies January 28, 2010

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Today was definitely a cookie making day.  J was home sick, it was dark and stormy outside, and I was busy working away on some upcoming projects.

I bought some great new cookie cutters when I was on holiday in San Francisco in May last year.  Until today I still hadn’t used them, so this afternoon I pulled them out and happily stamped away at the dough.

The copper Chicken and Rabbit are part of a set of Easter cutters that were on a great special.  The copper is just lovely, quite strong and solid.  The Bear, Hummingbird and Squirrel were all bought from the same store, as momentos from my holiday.

I used Nigella Lawson’s recipe for Butter Cut Out Cookies, from her cookbook How to be a Domestic Goddess.  I added a touch of mixed spice to the recipe for added flavour.  I’m not much of an icing fan, so they’re going to remain unadorned.  I think they’re perfect just the way they are.

I popped tiny pieces of foil over the Hummingbird beaks to stop them from browning too quickly – it worked a treat!

A special day January 24, 2010

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Today is a special day, it’s my dear friend Josephine’s birthday.  Happy birthday beautiful, I miss you!

Aotearoa (part 6) January 24, 2010

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Aotearoa (part 5) January 23, 2010

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Aotearoa (part 4) January 23, 2010

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Photographs from my dear Aunty Margo’s beautiful garden.

Aotearoa (part 3) January 12, 2010

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On Christmas afternoon J and I drove for two hours to his parent’s place.  We ate the most delicious meal of perfect roast chicken and delicious salad for dinner, then finished it (and ourselves) off with his Mum’s legendary trifle.  Words cannot describe the perfection of this trifle, it was incredible!

This is the kind of scene that makes you want to never come back to Sydney

This is pretty awe-inspiring too

Beauty is everywhere you look here

These two make me laugh every time I visit

Such cool personalitles

I had such fun feeding them little pieces of apple

They were climbing the fence to get it from my hands

But the one who has my heart is this guy

He’s quite special

Aotearoa (part 2) January 12, 2010

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Christmas Day 2009.  The first Christmas with our family in 4 years.

We set the table the night before

I made homemade lemonade

My little helpter earnestly filled everyone’s glasses

The chief taste-tester thought the lemonade was pretty good

Then we ate

And ate

And ate

And ate

And ate

I made homemade ice cream and sorbet, proper strawberry jellies, and a hazelnut torte too.  It all got gobbled up before we got any photos, but I can assure you dessert was a hit with the entire family.

I met my sweet little Great-Newphew Felix.

And hung out with Sofia, who was most impressed when she found out that I was the person who had made her beloved Hazel.

Precious little Sacha snoozed away the day, briefly waking up to check out what was happening

And everyone was looking at the camera at once for the obligatory family snapshot.  Incredible!

Aotearoa (part 1) January 12, 2010

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J and I headed back to New Zealand for Christmas and New Years.  Our birthplace.  Aotearoa.

We drank plenty of these:

Had lots of fun hanging out with some of our favourite people

Spent plenty of time gazing at beautiful places

Watched the seagulls just hanging out, watching us just hanging out

Took away memorable memories and left pairs of footprints

Gazed in awe and wonder at this beautiful country I call home