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Frocktober day 28 October 28, 2009

Posted by Sarah in clothes, dress, fabric, Frocktober, Fundraising, home made, mum, refashion, sewing, silk, thrifty, vintage.

Today’s Frocktober frock is a work in progress.  I’m wearing it today, mostly, unless it’s under the sewing machine needle or the iron.  It used to be my mothers, i’m not sure how old she was when she wore it.  It’s been made without any overlocking, so it must have been made by my grandmother for my mother when she was a teenager.  Someone (probably Nana) has hacked at the back of it to remove the zip, so there is a huge hole where fabric should be.  I’m trying to work out the best way to fix it and make it wearable, it’s definitely a challenge.  I’m thinking of taking off the sleeves and giving it a nice low back – what do you think?  Any ideas?  I’m a little stuck and the moment!


The most excellent thing about this is that it fits me!  How cool is it that a dress my teeny tiny mother used to wear when she was young fits me!  Yay!!


Remember, if you would like to support the Australian Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation during the month of Frocktober you can.  Click here to donate.

My registration number is 539381.  (you can put the registration number in the final page of your paypal payment).



1. Karen - October 28, 2009

Chop the sleeves off and make it a lower neck

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