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Wisdom Tooth softie October 20, 2009

Posted by Sarah in book, fabric, felt, gift, home made, sewing, wool.

I made this little wisdom tooth softie April this year for my friend Lydia, who was having her wisdom teeth removed.  Ouch!


I used light blue embroidery floss to make the eyes and mouth, complete with a set of healthy looking teeth.


Of course if you’re going to have a wisdom tooth you need to make him look wise.  I looked around on the internet for photos of graduation caps, then made one for my tooth out of wool felt.


And I added a piece of wool to imitate the look of the tassel.


I found the idea in this lovely inspiring book.  Yay!!


1. meg - November 8, 2009

OMG that is too cute!

Am loving the mu mu, why did you never wear that to The Wall, that would have made my year!

PS, you have a fan :)



2. Sarah - November 9, 2009

Hey Meg!

Thanks for the kind comments :)
I probably would have set myself on fire if i’d worn that muumuu to work, it’s completely polyester! Ha ha!

Re the fan, oh dear! Funny!

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