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Frocktober day 2 October 2, 2009

Posted by Sarah in clothes, dress, fabric, Frocktober, Fundraising, recycle.

Thank you to everyone that responded so positively over email and here about my Frocktober challenge!

My friend Janne gave this frock to me when she was doing a wardrobe clearout about a year ago.  It drapes really nicely, and I love the length of the skirt.   It’s perfect for picnics and even bike riding, but that’s probably because it’s lovely ol’ polyester.  This is the time of the year for wearing this dress, as it’s far too hot to be wearing it in summer here in Sydney!  The polka dot silk sash comes from a Gorman dress that I bought a few years ago.

PA020005 (2) fix

Clearly the hardest thing about this challenge will be the self portraits.  My arms look really strange in this photo, they honestly hang quite normally when i’m not waiting for a self-timer to go off   : )

Remember, if you want to support the Australian Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation during the month of Frocktober you can.  Click here to donate.  My registration number is 539381.

Have a beautiul day!


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