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Rag-knitted bath mat August 24, 2009

Posted by Sarah in cosy, fabric, home made, knitting, recycle, refashion, thrifty.

I wanted to find a good use for an old bedsheet of ours that had become too thin to use on the bed.  I decided to make it into yarn, and then knit it into a new bathmat for us.P8230006

I used this tutorial to work out the best way to make ‘yarn’ from my sheet.  I highly recommend the technique described for joining the ends.  It works wonderfully, and you can hardly see the joins in the finished product.


I tried to get as many stitches onto my needles as possible, to make the mat as big as I could.  This meant that I had to use pegs to hold the stitches on the needle while I wasn’t knitting, so that they didn’t jump off the end.


I used size size 15mm needles, it’s like knitting with table legs!


It’s big enough for Joh to be able to use comfortably, which i’m pleased about.  The finished bathmat is super soft because the sheet was so well worn.


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