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Patchwork knitted blanket May 12, 2009

Posted by Sarah in blanket, home made, knitting, sewing, thrifty, wool.

This blanket started life because I wanted to try to use up all the half balls of wool that I had.  I used some recycled wool from a previous project.  I soon realised that I didn’t have much wool after all.  After numerous trips to the yarn store to buy yet more wool, and much procrastination, my blanket is finally finished.img_4297

The thing that held me up the most was the sewing together of pieces, but one last push a couple of months ago made it happen.img_4290

It’s a giant measuring 82″ by 66 ” (that’s 208cm by 167cm)!  That’s 4100 stitches per square, 82,000 stitches in total.  It weighs 2kg!  That’s so much wool!


My friend Rosa crocheted around the edge for me, and that really makes the whole piece look lovely.  I’ll have to wait for a good sunny day before I can get any pics up of the lovely edge.

It’s so heavy, it just traps you under it, making getting off the couch to head to bed quite hard.  It’s definitely going to keep both Joh and I warm all winter.  We love it.


1. Zac - May 13, 2009

Well done Sarah.
This looks amazingly warm and I love the colors :)

Now you guys just need a cat to go with it…

Sarah - May 22, 2009

Thank you Zac! It is, infact, very warm indeed!

A cat, now that’s a great idea!


2. Pon - May 14, 2009

That’s amazing – you are so clever. You’re going to be all snuggly now…

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