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Sunday lovely Sunday January 4, 2009

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Joh and I had the most lovely day at home today, pottering around the house.  We had three separate offers to go out to see our dear friends for afternoon drinks, but we decided to stay here and spend some quality time with our house (and each other, of course!!)

For breakfast we had the last two slices of our sprouted rye bread with organic avocado, tomato and fresh coriander from our garden.  Half way through mine I decided to try out some of our new alfalfa sprouts, and they were delicious!


I can’t wait for our deliveries from Lettuce Deliver to start again.  We’ve been shopping at Fratelli Fresh while the Lettuce family are on a much needed break.  The quality at Fratelli Fresh is some of the best in the city, but it still doesn’t even come close to our beautiful organic deliveries.  We did pick up some Tasmanian walnuts, which I cracked with my monster of a mortar and pestle.  I’ve popped them in the freezer until I decide what to do with them.


I did a bit of knitting, finishing off a monolith of a blanket that I’ve been using for months in it’s incomplete state.  Photos and gory details to come in another post.


Joh and I had some cheese in the fridge that needed using, a Polish style cottage cheese.  Joh made a wonderful organic wholemeal bread dough and left it to develop for a few hours.  I made some organic caramelised onions while the dough did it’s thing.  Joh kneaded and rolled the dough to a wonderful carpet of carbohydrates on the kitchen bench.  Then we scattered olive oil, caramelised onions, polish cottage cheese, parmagiana reggiano, olives and basil leaves.  Joh rolled the whole thing into a log, and then we decided it would be best to slice and cook the pieces individually, kind of like the broiche dough we used to make when I was a cook in Auckland.  They worked beautifully!  We cooked half of them on our pizza stone, and half in muffin tins.  The verdict?  Joh prefers the look of the muffin tin variety, while i like the more rustic feel of the pizza stone cooked rolls.  Either way, they are delicious, and will make a great lunch for us tomorrow.p1040008


Project 365 January 3, 2009

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I’ve just joined project 365 on flickr.

I thought it would be a good way to keep myself taking photos, and hopefully it will encourage me to blog each day too!img_3057I wont post the photo here everyday unless I have something specific to say about it.  The flickr demo on the right hand side of the blog will show the most recently uploaded pictures each day, so you’ll be able to head over there and have a look anyway.

A well balanced breakfast January 3, 2009

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Today’s breakfast:

Organic sprouted rye bread

Organic avocado

Organic mung bean sprouts

Home cured salmon gravlax

This must be one of the healthiest life giving breakfasts that I can think of.  I’m really loving sprouted grain bread at the moment, i’m going to sprout some wheat of my own this week and see how we go making the bread from it.  We have been sprouting all kinds of beans and seeds this week, picture heavy post of our efforts to come soon.

I was given a tub of gravlax salts that my bosses partner had made.  It contains salt, pepper, sichuan pepper and sugar.  We purchased a small fillet of salmon to cure the first time to see how it went.  We washed and dried the fillet and packed it with salt and dill, then wrapped it all tightly in plastic wrap and stored it in the refrigerator for three days.  I turned the salmon twice a day to get the flavours to go through the whole piece of fish.  This morning when we unwrapped it I was amazed to find that there wa no fishy smell at all, and that the fish had firmed up and gone a darker red colour.  Delicious!



Tote bag for Christmas January 2, 2009

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This is the bag that I made for my sister Karen for Christmas.


This is the best photo that I took of the inside of the bag.  I didn’t have much time to get good photos, but just imagine a white lining with gold stylised birds on it.img_2986

I cut the legs off a pair of Joh’s old work pants to make him some shorts recently.  I made the straps for Karen’s bag from the leftover fabric.


I made the straps extra long because my sister is extra tall.  I thought that she could use it for grocery shopping like I do with my own :)

Sending you a letter January 1, 2009

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Well really that should read “sending you a Christmas Card” but you get my intentions I’m sure.

This year I made all of our Christmas cards, and the envelopes too!  I bought 6 sheets of plain white cardstock, cut them in half and then folded them in half to make the card.  I collected cute images from magazines, cut them out and pasted them.


We had some cards from a few Christmasses ago that i’ve never particularly loved so to make use of them I pasted other images on the top of the card.


I made the envelopes from some old letter writing paper that I have.


These were really satisfying to make, just a little time consuming.  Now i’m going to keep a shoe box of clippings so that I can make up cards at a moments notice!