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Homemade candied peel November 15, 2008

Posted by Sarah in home made, thrifty.

Joh and I eat alot of fruit. Every Wednesday I come home to a wonderful box of organic fruit and vegetables delivered to my door. These boxes contain seasonal produce only, which is great. The last couple of months, the dreary end-of-winter has seen us with alot of oranges. Like 6 a week. And we’re not the types to really head to the fruit bowl and snack on an orange. Not when there’s bananas you’d sell your firstborn for sitting there, and the most magnificent mandarins on earth. These fruits both have an advantage over oranges in our house – they’re easy to peel and eat. So, we’ve been putting oranges in fruit salads, adding them to the odd campari and soda, juicing them for breakfast. The problem is that I don’t like to waste anything. Anything. This house is full of boxes of things that I might find a use for one day. So when I see perfectly good orange skins being thrown out it pains me. These oranges haven’t been waxed so their skins are perfect for cooking with.

In the bok Pure Dessert, Alice Medrich talks about freezing citrus skins to keep for making candied peel. Our freezer has all kinds of bags of things for stocks, and now a bag for skins of lemons and oranges! I saved up enough recently to make a batch of candied orange peel. The flavour is so much better than the pathetic awful overly sweetened stuff you can buy, and it’s oh so domestic to have my own in the fridge. I’m planning on using it for my christmas cake, dicing it and adding it to cookies, and for decorating cakes. Oh, and it’s awfully good just to eat, by itself, while you stand in your pyjamas on a Saturday morning while you wait for the kettle to boil.




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