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Wrapping up Reenie October 31, 2008

Posted by Sarah in clothes, cosy, gift, home made, knitting, scarf, wool.

Our beautiful friend Reenie is having a birthday soon. We were invited to her party, but seeing as she lives in a different continent from us we aren’t going to be able to make it. This is what I sent her for her birthday, a handmade woolen scarf. This was made with two balls of wool held together, knitted on giant needles.

Happy birthday honey! We hope this keeps you warm this London winter.

Market bag October 6, 2008

Posted by Sarah in bag, fabric, food, home made, markets, refashion, sewing, thrifty.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get around to finishing this bag. It has been sitting in my WIP pile for about four months. I thought with the markets coming up this weekend it would be a great chance to finish it off (and show it off at said markets!).  Here it is with my trusty shopping trolley – what a team!

A while back Mum and Dad went to the states and came back with a pile of cool fabrics for me as a gift. This great vegetable print was one of them. I thought what better way to use it than to make myself a much needed bag for shopping.  I made the denim handle from some scrap fabric I had from a jeans to shorts project in summer.  I zigzag stitched across the denim to hold the handle flat.  The handle is really wide, and long enough for me to wear it across my back.

The lining fabric is an old pillowcase of ours.

Because of the awful weather on Saturday I couldn’t take our trolley, but I could take the bag.  Here it has two bunches of rhubarb, a bottle of macadamia oil and a freakishly large bunch of silverbeet inside it.  It is the strongest bag we have now, and cool too!

Spring is here! October 4, 2008

Posted by Sarah in beef, food, markets, organic, Uncategorized, venison.

This whole week has been hot hot hot, so I was looking forward to getting down to the Pyrmont Good Living Growers Market this Saturday. Sadly we woke this morning to find that it had been raining all night! A quick check of the weather made my mind up for me. I wasn’t going to miss another of these markets just because of a little rain.

We arrived later than we normally would, so that meant that we had to deal with a few crowds. A lovely bratwurst on a soft white roll with caramelised onions and homemade barbeque sauce from Eumundi Smokehouse made the headache from the night before’s overindulgence subside.

You know its spring when you see asparagus and broad beans. The asparagus was picked yesterday morning, and it still had the soil it was grown in clinging to it. Lovely!

The aroma of mangoes and strawberries from the kitchen table, the promise of delicious meals all weekend, lets just say I’m glad we braved the weather this morning.

We also purchased Venison, Organic Free Range Pork and Pasture fed beef.

Happy weekend everyone!