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Cushion cover makeover June 15, 2008

Posted by Sarah in cushion, fabric, sewing.

I have finally finished the cushion covers that I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. The back of both cushions is made out of some orange cotton from my stash. I’ve doubled it over to create a thicker fabric, so you can’t feel the stuffing from the cushion insert coming through. The front of both cushions is made from pieces of wool that I stitched together.

I had to teach myself how to put in a zipper. I used the old cushion cover as a guide to how it should work. I did have to unpick the seams a couple of times, which was a real nuisance seeing as I seem to have lost my quick unpick. I had to use a kitchen knife instead!!

I’m so happy with how they look! They really brighten up our living room and because they’re made from such lovely fabric they feel lovely to sit against, or cuddle up to.

button up June 2, 2008

Posted by Sarah in buttons, clothes, fabric, refashion, sewing.
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I had always admired my friend Amy’s cute jacket when she wore it to work. I always said that it looked great on her, but she wasn’t so sure. So, when I was leaving NZ to come to Australia, this was her surprise leaving gift for me. Sadly, i’ve since lost touch with Amy, i’d love her to know that I’m still wearing the jacket she gave me.

It’s been in dire need of some TLC for some time now, so this weekend I sat down and gave it a makeover. I’m amazed that I hadn’t done it sooner. There are now five shiny, colourful buttons instead of four cheap lookiing black ones, and what a difference it makes. I also spent some time sewing the lining to the coat, and mending a pocket.