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Pats lacy scarf May 14, 2008

Posted by Sarah in Uncategorized.

This is my latest knit project and I’m madly in love with it. Its definitely the most complicated thing that I’ve had to make so far. Once I worked out the pattern it was all very straight forward, but next time I will use a lifeline to help when I think I’ve made a mistake. I only heard about these once I started worrying that I had made a major mistake and looked up what to do on ravelry. I found the pattern in a Lincraft magazine.

There is a really beautiful story behind this yarn. The same elderly couple have lived in the house across the street from my parents for at least 30 years. Recently Mrs Davis has sadly been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and has moved into permanent care. Mr Davis came across the road to visit us in August when I was back visiting my parents and he had a bag of yarn with him. He asked Mum and I if there was anything in there that we would like, otherwise he was going to take it up to the resthome for the old ladies. I found three hand wound balls of this purple wool, and one new ball still in its sleeve. I love the thought that Pat has woven leftover bits of a project into balls and had them stashed away for who knows how many years. I’ve been wearing this all the time, and I love that everytime I wear it I think of Pat, even if she doesn’t remember me!

See how the pattern made this beautiful scalloped edge? I love it.



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