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Homemade butter March 19, 2008

Posted by Sarah in butter, dining in, food.

Today was a much-needed weekday off. So many people have been talking about making butter recently on the web that I thought I would try it myself.

I used 2 x 600ml bottles of cream and ended up with 400grams of butter, almost 600ml of buttermilk.

I’ll use the buttermilk for my next batch of scones. I’ve frozen it for now.

The butter has been portioned up into little 50 gram parcels, which Joh and i will take from the freezer when we need them.

The texture of this is amazing when you squeeze out the buttermilk. I’m really looking forward to serving it with my homemade Hot Cross Buns on Sunday.



1. reenie - March 19, 2008

ZOMG… I remember your tasty homemade hot cross buns *drool*

2. nom nom nom « Crafty Llama - March 24, 2008

[…] 300g homemade butter […]

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