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A birthday present thats all about not growing up just yet March 19, 2008

Posted by Sarah in fabric, felt, gift, home made, sewing.

To my lovely friend Kate – Happy Birthday!


Hopefully this Kitty will keep you going until you can get your own!


(This is the only photo of the cake I could get so here I am with a sparkler-laden Pear and Whiskey birthday cake).




1. Andre - March 19, 2008

Hey! I recognise those photos!

Funny how the cake one came out so dark…. it doesn’t look like that in Aperture.

2. Sarah - March 19, 2008

Yes. Yet again I took my camera to an event but neglected to take any photos. Just as well for my snap-happy friends :)

3. reenie - March 19, 2008

Since when do non-grown ups get whiskey in their cakes? :)

4. kate - March 24, 2008

mmm, and what a delicious cake it was too! Love my kitty… hopefully it will have a real furry friend sooner rather than later…

5. Sarah - March 24, 2008

Reenie – when you want them to sleep really well!
(Kate did have a little nap time later in the night) :)

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