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Aprons for everyone! November 9, 2007

Posted by Sarah in apron, christmas, fabric, gift, home made, sewing.

My brother Mark lives in San Diego with his wife Mari and their adorable son Logan.  My parents are flying over to visit them soon so i’ve been working on their gifts solidly for a week now to get them to New Zealand before Mum and Dad depart on the 19th of November.  Phew!  I’m finally happy with the gifts and will be sending them on Monday, just enough time to get there.

I used a butchers apron of mine as a guideline for Marks, then added some width at the top as per Joh’s suggestion.    Joh and Mark are both very tall so Joh became my model.  I made it slightly longer than I would for Joh because I know Mark likes things really long.  I added some New Zealand fabric to Marks one to add interest and to remind him of home.


I was unsure where to secure the neck tie for Logan’s apron so I sewed on velcro dots so that he can wear it as he grows.  I had a bit of a problem making Logan’s apron.  He’s two and a half, but i’ve never met him.  Also I don’t come into contact with little people that much, and I was making his apron without a pattern.  Luckily Mum came to the rescue!  She called a friend and got her to measure her three year old son for me.  Ah, the lengths I go to so that the presents are a surprise!


Mari’s apron was pictured in a previous post here.


1. Noel Mays - November 12, 2007

Hi, I am looking for an apron that does not tie around the neck. I have neck issues and the extra pull on the back of my neck does not feel good. I actually found an old apron in the garbage at Home Depot and brought it home to study. Not sure if you have seen them, but the straps connect over the shoulder and then across the back leaving the neck area alone. VERY comfortable……but I can’t go around wearing a Home Depot apron……can you help me?

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