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Cooking myself towards my holiday July 31, 2007

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Today I’m home from work, with one day between now and our holiday! I’m so looking forward to going home, it’s going to be great! There is a slight dilema with going away for three weeks though, and that is what to do with the few items of food you have left in the house. This is really a domestic bragging post, i’m just showing off how very 1950’s housewife I am. I even ironed Joh’s shirt for him last night :P

Anyway, this is what I had to use up:

4 onions, 2 organic tomatoes, a huge bunch of parsley, 1kg of organic potatoes, 1 cup of buttermilk, 7 organic eggs, a knob of ginger, rosemary, thyme, 5 apples, half a bottle of cranberry juice.

And this is what I’ve done. We don’t have any ‘raw’ ingredients left now, just the next 5 meals cooked and ready to go. And something in the freezer for us to defrost and have when we get back to Sydney in three weeks. Genius.

I peeled, cored and sliced the apples, and put them in an oven dish. I covered them with the cranberry juice and cooked them for half an hour in the oven until the apples were soft and the juice mostly evaporated. These are now sitting in the fridge ready to be eaten on muesli, or with yoghurt, or on top of the coconut cake.

I used the buttermilk to make a Coconut Buttermilk Cake, which also used up the last of the butter in the fridge, and used an egg. This will be great for Craft Night tonight.

I used two onions and the potatoes and rosemary to make a delicious potato soup. This also used up 1 litre of home made vegetable stock from my freezer.

And I’ve made a soup with canned organic tomatoes, organic barley, red lentils, ginger, onions and the parsley. This will freeze well if we don’t eat it all tonight.

With the remaining eggs I made a frittata, and added lots of parsley, thyme and the tomatoes. It also has a little bit of roasted red onion from last nights dinner. Yum!

And I made a chana dhal to put in the freezer for us to have as an easy meal on the night we get from NZ.

Happy holidays to me! Happy holidays to Joh!


1. Larissa - July 31, 2007

when you get back we’re going to have to do something about all that garter stitch :p

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