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Present time July 8, 2007

Posted by Sarah in gift, home made, knitting, scarf.

I’ve been hesitating about posting about a few things I’ve made recently. Mainly because they are gifts and i’m not sure if the recipients read this blog or not. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I’m so proud of them I thought I’d show you anyway. Throw caution to the wind I say. I’m wrapping them to post today so had to take some photos to show off first.

p7070003-small.jpgp7070004-small.jpgThis is made from a 51% Alpaca 49% Acrylic mix. The scarf turned out lovely and soft. It is for my Niece Amanda who is turning 21 in a few weeks. I scoured the markets and shops to find an appropriate broach to attach to it. I’m glad I found this lovely little mushroom person – so very cute. And because it’s wood it wont stretch the wool like a metal broach would.

p7070008-small.jpgp7070007-small.jpgThis is made from Cleckheaton Vintage Hues (100% wool). I’m really happy with the way the colours have come through. Each line of knitting is different from the next. I made the scarf longer than I normally like them so that it can be wrapped around a few times for extra warmth. Hopefully it comes in handy on the farm for Joh’s Mum Fianach.


1. Joh's mum Fianach - June 15, 2008

Hi there ‘crafty llama’, just had to let you know that my scarf is so lovely and I am wearing it so much it has become a ‘national treasure’! Thank you darling.

2. Sarah - June 15, 2008

Hi Fianach! I’m so glad that you’re getting lots of use from your scarf this winter. It’s bitterly cold here at the moment, so all of my woolies are getting worn alot. We’re having a great lazy weekend rugged up at home, I love it!!

xx S

3. Joh's mum Fianach - June 15, 2008

Each scarf a work of art …

4. Joh's mum Fianach - June 15, 2008

Hi there, I missed your reply – my comment could be read as ‘& then she lost her mind ….’!! Freezing here too – just make sure you both keep warm & snuggly. Feel a bit inspired to sort our all my sewing bits & bobs, old buttons, bits of fabric, embroidery silks etc. Would you like them?

5. Sarah - June 15, 2008

Yes we are very warm – Joh is even wearing socks and jeans!! Must be cold :)
What a generous offer, i’d love anything that you don’t think you would use – that would be great! It’s always so nice using bits and pieces that have a story to them :)

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