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Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair June 30, 2007

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This show should really have been renamed “Old ladies interested in quilting exhibition”. OK, so I was a little naive expecting this to be a whole new world of craftiness. And perhaps I shouldn’t have gone on a Thursday when every Nana in Sydney was having a day out. I don’t mean to sound rude, but, man, old ladies can be really pushy!

I bought a few bits and pieces, there were some very nice wools available, but really, with so many half finished projects in the house I really shouldn’t be buying more. Damn me and my responsible mind.

The Quilt Show itself was quite cool though, it is amazing how much effort people make. There were some really beautiful Quilts, people are very talented.

This quilt was made by a 7 year old boy! p6280005-small.jpg

There was a golliwog stand, with heaps of old golliwogs. All really nicely looked after. There were some pretty creepy cultural reflections from that time though, I’m not sure if that was the point, or was it just someone showing off their doll collection? Weird.


The stamp they gave you was cool :)


Now, being someone who is looking to purchase a sewing machine in the near future, I’m constantly being told that I don’t need one with all the bells and whistles, with quilting stitches. I know, but really, look at these! This was part of a whole wall dedicated to Egyptian scenes. I really should have taken more photos.


I’m glad I didn’t pay more than $16 for my entry, but probably wont go again next year.  Not without borrowing someone else’s Nana.



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