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Lindt Chocolate Cafe June 30, 2007

Posted by Sarah in cake, chocolate, dining out, food.

We left the Craft Show grumpy, tired and hungry.  What to do… what to eat… Chocolate of course!

Neither of us had been to the Lindt cafe before so expectations were high.

It was raining outside, the automatic doors wouldn’t close, and we had to wait for 10 minutes to be seated.  Good start.

Once we were seated we were presented with a menu consisting of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  I actually was feeling like a little bite of something savoury first, but they had run out of sandwiches.  Cake it is then.

I ordered the Black Forest Cake and a Lindt Hot Chocolate.  The cake arrived about 30 seconds after we ordered, before our drinks.  It wasn’t a very exciting cake.  It tasted of tinned cherries, cheap cream and overly sweetened chocolate icing.  And at $11 I was expecting something a little more tasty.  The hot chocolate was very nice though, and as I looked around the restaurant I noticed plenty of people who had ordered just a hot chocolate.  Smart.  $5.50 for the hot chocolate but its enough for 3 cups, they give you a little jug of melted chocolate (your choice – milk or dark), and about 500ml of hot frothed milk.  They could have swapped the prices around – cake $5.50, hot chocolate $11 and I would have been happy.


My buddy ordered a mocha ($5), which came with real chocolate in the glass and sprinkled on top.  It was declared the best that she’s had in Sydney!  Profiteroles ($11) were three tiny cream filled balls, covered with chocolate ganache, sitting on a disk of pure chocolate.  I think the disk of chocolate was what made this a winner.


Verdict – go for a hot drink and a chocolate, but give cake the flick.  You can have mass-produced cakes anywhere in Sydney.


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