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Sydney Good Food and Wine Show June 19, 2007

Posted by Sarah in Uncategorized.

I might still be in pain today, but boy am I glad that I got my butt out of bed on Saturday morning and went to the gym.

This Saturday was the Food show. It’s a fun day out, and a good opportunity to get some of your favorite products at bargain prices.

I liked it, but I thought that the food stalls weren’t really that great. I didn’t see anything new there that I haven’t seen before. I’ve been to many of the food shows in Auckland and they were actually better than this one, with a much bigger focus on the food stalls. Sydney was half food half wine.

Having to use a plastic shot glass to taste wine because the swap centre ran out of fresh glasses was a definite annoyance.

I managed to resist buying Lindt chocolate at really reasonable prices, but I did come home with a lot of organic tea, soup and corn chips.

Oh, and a much adored bottle of Olive Grove Avocado and Horopito Pepper oil.  Yummo.


1. Mum - June 25, 2007

Go NZ aye! Yes our Food Show (or whatever it’s called) is a real taste sensation, that’s for sure. You may be here for it this year, just maybe, cos I know it’s right at the beginning of August. Mmmmmmmm

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