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Look what I made yesterday June 14, 2007

Posted by Sarah in baking, cake, craft club, felt, home made, llama.

Orange, almond and quince cake


Brown bread


The beginnings of a crafty llama fridge magnet




1. reenie - June 14, 2007

That llama’s so cute!! And where are your recipes?! Everytime I read your blog, I droooool…

2. Pon - June 19, 2007

I love the llama! Its soooo cute. My sister is so clever

3. Mum - June 25, 2007

Your crafty llama fridge magnet is gorgeous – love his eyes! And as for that cake, words fail me – you are so industrious and it’s not fair but my mouth is fair watering now………….

4. Llama Lover - December 3, 2007

i really love your llama fridge magnet. How did you make it? i would love to make it myself (my favorite animal is a llama). Maybe you could post directions? (but only if you want to)

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