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Crumble… May 31, 2007

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After having a frustrating time this afternoon trying to get my shortbread to bind, I decided to turn it into something better (and less fussy).


The result? Cherry and poached pear crumble.

p5310054-small.jpg p5310059-small.jpg

New project – teal scarf May 31, 2007

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I’m knitting myself this teal blue scarf at the moment. Up till now I have always had someone to cast-on for me. So, I bought a book on knitting and taught myself to do it a few nights ago. Its difficult, but not as difficult as I had always believed. Yay me!


buzzbar cafe, newtown May 25, 2007

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Hannah and I went out for cake yesterday. Yummo. The cakes are all made on premises, and are absolutely lovely. I had sticky date pudding and Hannah had apple cake. Highly recommended.


p5240025-small.jpg p5240026-small.jpg

Joh’s new scarf May 25, 2007

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Joh’s new scarf is complete, i’m really happy with the results. I did the casting off myself, and it looks pretty tidy and neat. Now I’m jealous. I can’t wait to go shopping for new wool for a scarf for myself.

I got my first scarf compliment today at work! It was cool to be able to say that I had made it myself. I was wearing an old one I made a few years ago. Imagine what people are going to say when they see this years batch!


Kitten Mania May 22, 2007

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I’ve been making these kittens, and other assorted creatures over the last week. I got the idea from Craft magazine, which I picked up from Borders a few weeks ago. It’s an expensive magazine to buy here, so maybe a I’ll get a subscription direct from the USA. The kittens were pretty easy to make, probably an hour in total for each one. The hardest part is cutting out all the tiny pieces of felt.

p5160022-small.jpgKittens and friends

craft… May 20, 2007

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Well, here it is – my first ever blog post!

I’ve decided to create a blog dedicated to all that is crafty.  Wish me luck!